Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toxic Dream Plant Lad Strikes for the First time!

Green aliens told me to stay in bed but I didn't listen. The plant Lad had plans for certain humans. He helps us dream better in exchange for 50 percent control of our waking thought process. I realized half of my waking thought process is bad crazy so I gladly traded it in so I can dream that I'm the newest member of Motley Crue. I lye around a lot and have not learned to control the dream plane totally. I have heard Cyndi Lauper in my dreams a lot when I leave "She's So Unusual" playing on repeat and look forward to many beautiful adventures with Cyndi.

Images Are An Ancient Language!

I live in a world of madness. People are looking for explanations now and I have them but I don't want to give them. People fail to understand the fundamental fetish, glamour and meaning to color and composition. The visual language is very old and instead of glancing, I suggest people really look; Not just at art but at many things in our environment. It would be impossible to look deeply at everything because it would interrupt one's entire life. That may be a good thing but sometimes people have to concentrate on the road.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Charlie McComber: Reaching back to pre September 1992 To Reclaim lost life possibilities, colors and exuberance!

McComber is a very dreamy lad. This is an altered version of a Charlie McComber classic. Many faces end up being some version of a self portrait. The colors McComber uses are also self portraits and express McComber's desires, both close and out of reach. By September 1992 things had started to shift dramatically in the McComber planet and many of the characters and colors represent a grasping at the world from September 1992 back.