Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toxic Dream Plant Lad Strikes for the First time!

Green aliens told me to stay in bed but I didn't listen. The plant Lad had plans for certain humans. He helps us dream better in exchange for 50 percent control of our waking thought process. I realized half of my waking thought process is bad crazy so I gladly traded it in so I can dream that I'm the newest member of Motley Crue. I lye around a lot and have not learned to control the dream plane totally. I have heard Cyndi Lauper in my dreams a lot when I leave "She's So Unusual" playing on repeat and look forward to many beautiful adventures with Cyndi.

Images Are An Ancient Language!

I live in a world of madness. People are looking for explanations now and I have them but I don't want to give them. People fail to understand the fundamental fetish, glamour and meaning to color and composition. The visual language is very old and instead of glancing, I suggest people really look; Not just at art but at many things in our environment. It would be impossible to look deeply at everything because it would interrupt one's entire life. That may be a good thing but sometimes people have to concentrate on the road.